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This is a game for 3 or more players. At the start of each round the computer will announce which player has been selected to go first. The phone should then be passed to this player. Once the player has the phone and is sure no one can see the screen they select Reveal Insults. On doing this they will see 3 randomly selected insults about other members of the group - the player must select the one they deem to be the funniest. A key step here is that the player can remove specific words from an insult to create a new funnier insult. Once they confirm the answer the phone is passed to the next person who is selected by the computer. The final player will be the Selector. This player doesnt choose their own insults but instead sees the list of insults selected by the previous players. The Selector must then award a First (6 points), Second (3 points) and Third place (1 point) prize for what he/she thinks is the funniest insults. Once this has been done the selector will be able to see which players submitted which insults.

The Selector can now decide to announce the winners in any order and either choose to read out their insults themselves or if they are too embarrassed they can get the computer to read out the insult instead. Once this has been done the Selector clicks the OK button at the bottom and the current leaderboard will be revealed to show the current scores of all the players. All players can look at this screen. A player then selects the Next Round button and the process begins again but with a different player as Selector at the end. Once all players have taken their turn as the Selector you can either quit the game and congratulate the winner or continue playing further rounds of the game and accumulate additional points. If you choose to quit the game all player scores will be reset

Game of Insults


Adult Mode

This mode contains highly offensive language - please confirm you are over 18 years old

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Player Manager

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You need to select at least 3 players to proceed - please click Manage Players to add players



Player Points
{{}} {{p.score}}

{{}} to Choose

{{}}, Once you have the phone and no one else can see the screen. Please press the button below

Please Select your favourite insult below:


Please Confirm Your Choice

You can remove words from the insult by clicking on them

{{insults.currentChoice.insultArray[0].word}} {{item.word}}

{{insults.currentChoice.insultArray[0].word}} {{item.word}}

Selector: {{insults.players[insults.selectPlayerIndex].name}}

{{insults.players[insults.selectPlayerIndex].name}} You are the Selector. Once you have the phone and no one else can see the screen. Please press the button below

Please Select the insult to which you will award {{insults.currentAward}} to


Please Confirm Your Choice


Winner Announcements

{{insults.players[insults.selectPlayerIndex].name}}, Please announce the winners. Click on the insult to have the computer read it.

{{}} wins {{winner.award}} : {{winner.insult.insult}}